What programs do I install on my new computer

What programs do I install on my new computer

For a long time I chose a new computer, and finally here it is – standing on the table, on the screen saver Windows, and what to do next, what programs to install? Somewhere I saw something, somewhere I heard, in general, in the head of the porridge!

No matter how hard Microsoft tries to improve its operating system, a clean operating system can be used only in limited conditions – for example, at work, where the installation of additional programs is prohibited or not allowed.

What to choose, paid or free programs

So it turns out that free software alone is not enough, comes out about 50/50. I don’t urge you to use hacked versions, but it’s our reality that “quacked” programs are used everywhere. In my experience, to solve almost any problem there is at least one free program, which is enough with the head.

But paid software is usually more convenient and with more functions. But they are necessary for volume works or for professional activity.

Antivirus – the necessary protection

I have touched on the topic of antivirus many times already, it is an absolutely necessary program that I download on any computer right after installing Windows. Perhaps, antivirus is a program that is better to buy and live in peace. Paid versions eliminate the headache of searching for updated keys and signature databases.

The most common ones we have:

  • DrWeb
  • Kaspersky Antivirus
  • Eset NOD32

Which one to choose is everyone’s business. 100% protection won’t give you any, so just choose the one you like best.

Of the free ones, they’re good:

  • Avast
  • AVG
  • Avira
  • Comodo Antivirus

There is another option – Symantec Endpoint Protection. It’s a good paid antivirus, but you can find a corporate version on the network that does not require keys, works without hesitation and is updated itself. When you install a free antivirus, don’t forget to check your entire computer with DrWeb CureIt at least once a month!

Alternative browser

For convenience, you will need to install one of the alternative Internet browsers to replace the standard Internet Explorer/Edge.

They are popular in our region:

  • Google Chrome
  • Yandex Browser
  • Opera
  • Mozilla FireFox

All of them are free and very useful programs. Today the browser from Yandex is rapidly gaining popularity. It, undoubtedly, one of the best browsers, but everyone has own preferences.

In terms of speed and system resource consumption, I prefer Opera. And who likes flexibility in configuration can choose Mozilla FireFox. If you stay on standard Internet Explorer, at least update it to the latest version.


By default, Microsoft Windows does not know how to work with such a common archive format as “.rar”. Probably in the West only zip is used by everyone. I install a WinRAR shell that supports all the necessary archive formats, including “.zip”. WinRAR is built into the operating system, allowing you to work with the archives from the context menu in Explorer.

Alternatively, I can recommend the 7-Zip program. It also has all the necessary functions, but is not able to pack in the “.rar” format. But it can unpack the “.7z” format.

Office suite

Required thing to work with texts and tables: Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Although I have included it in the mandatory list, not everyone needs it. But I yet did not meet the laptop without Microsoft Office or its free analogue OpenOffice. From easier office packages I will advise WPS Office.

For reading PDF-books it is necessary Adobe Acrobat Reader. PDF is the most common format of documentation, books and instructions. Without a special program, you can open a PDF file, but the functionality will be limited by the simplest actions. Acrobat Reader is a completely free program.

Messenger, phone on the Internet.

Programs for free communication around the world via the Internet:

  • Skype – the most famous, but outdated, there is a detailed configuration guide
  • Viber is actively gaining popularity
  • WhatsApp is one of the most popular in the world

All programs support voice, video and chat. An indispensable tool for communication, in addition to social networks. You will need a microphone, headphones and a webcam (for video calls), as well as an installed program on both devices of the interlocutors. Messengers also allow you to call landlines and mobile phones, but this is not free of charge.

In order for you to be able to communicate with your relatives and friends, you need to know what programs they use. But they usually install everything at once. I would like to note that for Viber and WhatsApp to work on a PC, they must be installed on a smartphone too.

I have shown the basic programs for the laptop in the minimum variety. For the more advanced I will recommend one more pack of software.